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Established as a network in 1997, the project is based on the cooperation of 17 national resource centers that operate in a coordinated scheme for the gathering and dissemination of relevant information and data on the Iberoamerican journals.

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Documentales ciencia y tecnologia online dating

The abstracts comprise of the scientific life and have a fundamental importance in the communication and transmission of the information, specially in the area of science and the technology.

Los resúmenes documentales forman parte de la vida científica y tienen una importancia fundamental en la comunicación y transmisión de la información, especialmente en el área de la ciencia y la tecnología. Se trata de un punto de partida de las operaciones documentales en virtud de su capacidad de respuesta a las necesidades informativas y comunicativas de los investigadores.

Es un proceso de identificación y representación del contenido del documento.

identifies subject heading lists, thesauri, and databases that are the sources of topical, geographic, chronological, and other headings or terms used to describe the subject content of a resource, and assigns a code to each source.

The purpose of this list is to identify the vocabulary used in records.

or code assignment, general structure, usage, and maintenance guidelines see Since general thesauri often contain a broad spectrum of terms, including genre, forms, occupations, functions, and time periods, the source codes in this list may be used in the metadata elements identified for each of the specialized source lists.Likewise, the special thesauri listed there may also be used in the metadata elements identified below under usage.Some subject heading lists incorporate names and titles and others employ independent name and title lists for parts of a subject heading.Thus the lists assigned source codes in may also be used in the metadata elements identified below under usage.Classification schemes and subject category codes include caption terms and, frequently, index terms that identify the classes in the scheme and the category codes.Some systems use those caption and index terms as subject terms in bibliographic records.

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