Diamond bank benin online dating

On this discovery sir, I and two other senior staffs now decided do business with you and release the money to you as the next of kin to Ali B. I will soon proceed for my retirement leave this year, and I personally do not want this fund to be transferred into the bank treasury as unclaimed bill.

That is why I wanted the fund to be moved out of the bank before I proceed on my retirement from the banking service by June 15th 2004.

Diamond bank benin online dating

Ten years later, in February 2001, it became a universal bank.

In January 2005, following a highly successful Private Placement share offer which substantially raised the Bank's equity base, Diamond Bank became a public limited company.

In May 2005, the Bank was listed on The Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Moreover, in January 2008, Diamond Bank's Global Depositary Receipts (GDR) was listed on the Professional Securities Market of the London Stock Exchange.

I sincerely write to seek your co-operation and trust to enable my colleagues and I carry out an urgent Business Opportunity in my department. Ashraf who died along with his family on the 8th of November 1999 in an ADC Boeing 727 plane crash at Egirin River. He left in his domiciliary account the total sum of $15.5 million(Fifteen million five hundred thousand USA Dollars).

I work with the Diamond Bank Benin ;currently I am thesenior manager of bills and exchange at the foreign remittance department of mybank. Since the management got the information of his death we have been expecting any of his relation or his next of kin to come up and claim his money.Unfortunately from the day of his death till the time of this letter none of his relations or friends has come up for the claim.The banking and financial law of Diamond Bank Benin stipulates that if such fund remained unclaimed after a period of four years it will be transferred into the bank treasury as unclaimed bill.Though the mysterious man's accent has changed over time, and he keeps asking for money to be wired to various different countries, Sarah insists she is '95 per cent certain' that he is telling her the truth.She described the moment they met on the internet: 'An attractive person came on there and said "wow you look like you wouldn't hurt a fly".I said "wow this guy's really handsome, I can't believe he's talking to me!


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