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Virtuoso is a modern enterprise grade solution for data access, integration, and relational database management (SQL Tables and/or RDF based Property/Predicate Graphs).

The DBpedia data set enables quite astonishing query answering possibilities against Wikipedia data.

There is a public SPARQL endpoint over the DBpedia data set at

There is a list of all DBpedia data sets that are currently loaded into the SPARQL endpoint.

Fair Use Policy: Please read this post for information about restrictions on the public DBpedia endpoint.

These might also be usefull: 1, 2, There is a public Faceted Browser "search and find" user interface at and a corresponding faceted web service over the DBpedia data set at

Usage details can be found in the Virtuoso Facets Web Service documentation.

We published a simple script which was developed as a software study before the development of started.

We think that it will help you get familiar with SPARQL + String search on a Virtuoso server which hosts DBpedia.

The demo is deployed here and you can find the source code here.

Another demo is deployed here for getting familiar with Linked Data is a method of publishing RDF data on the Web and of interlinking data between different data sources.

Linked Data on the Web can be accessed using Semantic Web browsers, just as the traditional Web of documents is accessed using HTML browsers.

However, instead of blindly following nondescript links between HTML pages, Semantic Web browsers enable users to navigate between different data sources by following self-described RDF links.

This allows the user to start off at one data source, and then move through a potentially endless Web of data sources connected by RDF links.


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