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Getting your identity verified is the initial step that opens up a whole world of possibility.But everyone focuses on the background check or the identity verification process itself like its a set-it-and-forget-it situation.

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As a profile enhancer , the API can be used for free, sites can also charge a monthly fee for keeping a users information verified.

will allow sites to generate significant revenue if marketed appropriately (dating sites need some marketing help when it comes to identity verification services. Dave says that after spending considerable time talking with members of the dating site community it has seemed like “oh no not another one of these.â€� From what I’ve seen, is truly different (ouch). says they won’t sell your data, but if it leads to better dates, deals and cheaper vacations, take me I’m yours.

The company is in the business of building the pipeline for online verified communication, across multiple industries. This is where the product development and marketing teams should be salivating.

They have a product and want you to give dating site users a product that is both compelling and trustworthy, one that enhances your brand image and is able to make you money. Not as much data as from Facebook Connect, but how long do you think until works with Facebook Connect?

Then you are on Facebook and a dating site, verified, and companies and start pushing out functionality that drives higher interaction with their site, between people (remember, communication is a key part of the puzzle here) and beyond – think freemium features, VIP, enhanced profiles, and that time in the future when dating sites actually partner with search companies that can weed out the creepers and the inappropriate matches. Things are changing fast and consumers are getting savvier faster than you are evolving.

Identity verification is exciting stuff: people want it, it makes companies money, and it leads to bigger and better things all around, including safer dating.

Most dating co’s will probably look back at the historical impact of verification and not the forward-thinking opportunity. is going to crush it in the social space anyways, I just wanted to get them out in front on your radar because they are great folks with a solid product that you should at least take a call with.

AUSTRALIA: Susan Cheong looks at the story of a woman who lost ,000 to a person she met on an online dating website.

In Identity and Reputation as (Social)Currency I mentioned Dave Gordon’s startup, Â The following is taken from numerous conversations with Dave in recent months and the website.


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