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Lulz Sec — an Anonymous offshoot known for its hacking hijinks — has apparently been resurrected, claiming responsibility for a hack exposing 170,937 accounts from dating website Military Singles.The accounts were posted publicly to pastebin, and appear to have authentic credentials with @mil email addresses and other military domains.The group has been targeted aggressively by the FBI since last June, when it pinned Lulz Sec's former leader with charges and had him cooperate with the US as an undercover witness — which led to the arrest of three Lulz Sec members and conspiracy charges for two others.

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It's not clear that Military Singles is aware of the attack, but someone claiming to be an administrator of the site posted a comment to a story about the hack at Data Breaches, writing that "at this time there is no actual evidence that Military was hacked." To this, Lulz Sec responded in true form — by demonstrating its access to the Military Singles site with a Nyan Cat signature.

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