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Gotta make sure all that V8 power gets put down properly!

Has there been a bigger phenomenon in the aftermarket over the last few years than the rise of TRA Kyoto and Rocket Bunny?

We’ve watched the brand move from small Japanese aero parts designer to a global entity whose products can be seen in countries around the world and whose creator Kei Miura is more recognizable than many well-known racing drivers.

Whether it’s a matter of being at the right spot at the right time, genius marketing, or just making cool stuff that enthusiasts want, it’s been fascinating to watch the brand grow and evolve over the years.

Who else remembers the days when we knew TRA Kyoto for S13s with dish mags and window nets, primary feature of a build anymore, there are still some very unique, very cool and very functional machines out there which happen to use TRA Kyoto components as part of their styling. It’s a Nissan S13 owned by Quinton Chan of British Columbia, and this thing is special enough on its own merits that I don’t want to simply label it as another ‘Rocket Bunny S13′.

After checking out the car, I think you’ll see exactly where I’m coming from too.

When Quinton began the build the plan was to transform the S13 into a drift machine, but as the project moved along the focus shifted.Rather than building a car designed for sliding, he ended up with a car made for ripping it up at traditional track days. Well, for Quinton it was a simple matter of opportunities.There aren’t a whole lot of drift events in his region, and he realized that he would be able to enjoy the S13 a lot more as a grip-focused track day machine.And should you happen across this 240 at a track day in the Pacific Northwest, you can bet it’ll be one of the coolest cars in the paddock – such is the aesthetic focus and attention to detail Quinton has put into his build.Under the hood sits a 5.7-liter LS6 V8 pulled out of an ’05 Caddy CTS-V mounted with a Sikky LS/S13 conversion kit.While there will always be those who scoff at V8-swapped S13s, when it comes to track day enjoyment and reliability, it’s hard to beat a setup like this.


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