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Unittus (pronounced: "Unite Us") is committed to a vision to create a u World Community to enable a person to search and find singles or people local or around the world with a common interest, need or cause by providing the largest directory of singles, people and social network profiles site in the world.

So no matter if you are searching for a dating site, friend finder, a person, or a prospect for your business interest... Join the Unittus Community Today, share and refer your friends, family and colleagues. Unittus, The First People Search and Social Network in the world™ to search, connect, communicate and prosper together.

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If your partner is spending more time than usual on their mobile phone or computer, they might be cheating through online dating networks.

Finding out is now easier than ever, just enter the suspect's email address to find out if they have an active account on any of these top 20+ dating websites.

i Find Cheaters is the only real online dating account search.

Using just the suspect's email address our service taps into each dating network directly using unique methods to provide you with complete and accurate results.If the suspect has any dating accounts, without-a-doubt you will know about them in under 90 seconds!With modern technology online cheating has become an epidemic.With so many dating networks online, it's become all too easy to cheat even without leaving the house.If you feel like you're being cheated on via the internet, we can help you find out.We care about your privacy as much as we care about providing you the truth.


  1. Brain-dump some more After a couple of hours of surfing competitor’s websites I did another brain-dump of features. Have a specific goal, don’t try to make the website do everything I took the feature list and narrowed them down to only those that served a single purpose: providing a means for singles to find and communicate with one another. I wish every CEO and marketing professional in the tech industry could was equipped with a similar device that would shriek “KISS” into their ears every time they began making things unnecessarily complex.

  2. Sto se vodenih povrsina ( u parkovima i ulicama), javnih cesmi i fontana tice, ni tu Beograd ne zaostaje toliko za svetom, mada mu ipak fali nekoliko zaista reprezentativnih fontana i vodoskoka makar u najuzem centru grada...

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