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e Harmony matches you with fellow singles, based on key dimensions of compatibility, including values and beliefs At e Harmony, the power is in your hands.Get matched with people within 30 kilometres of you, throughout the UK or anywhere in between!Join today and meet like-minded singles in your area Finding love is a big part of living a happy and fulfilling life.

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This is why our site is personally tailored to suit your preferences.

Find your perfect Pakistani relationship with us today.

Understanding the components that make up the perfect couple is an extremely difficult task, but it’s one we’ve been doing our best to solve for many years.

Seeing as everyone is different, it’s almost impossible to give a definitive answer.

Here are a few of them: We don’t like to call ourselves a dating site. This is because our focus really is on creating long-lasting attachments.

This is particularly relevant to the Pakistani community, where commitment and loyalty are crucial elements to the Islamic faith and Pakistani matrimonial state.Not only does this mean we put a lot of time and energy into making sure you meet like-minded people, but the members we attract are relationship focused too.We’ve spent years developing a system that matches you with those you’ll get on with.But at e Harmony we understand that dating someone with shared values, beliefs and attitudes is the true foundation of a long and successful relationship.Aspects such as religion, language, cultural practices and family expectations can be intrinsic to this.If you’re British born but with a Pakistani background, there might be many specific aspects you’re looking for in a partner.


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