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They brought the prisoner to the hospital and had him strapped to a table where the doctor took a close look.

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This included the Monaghan and Zimmerman families that stem from the mother's side of the family. On one such occasion, Harley noticed some slugs on the floor. Apparently Nick responded by gently gathering the slugs into a container, taking them to the river's edge, and dumping them into the water to allow them to pursue the rest of their natural lives.

On another occasion, Nicholas apologized for stepping on the moss between the floorboards.

He did not wish to hurt any living thing, human or otherwise.

This was consistent with his ancestors who in 1895 burnt their firearms in a public demonstration to the world that violence and wars must cease once and for all.

Nicholas was critical of drunkenness, laziness and ignorance.

A deputy sheriff who had befriended Nicholas tells the story of having to wrestle a violent and drunken man and take him into custody.

He had handcuffs on when they brought him to jail where he tripped and cut his forehead.

They called the hospital to say they would be bringing a prisoner in to get sewn up and heard that Dr. The reaction of one of the officers was, 'Oh no, he hates cops'.

Nicholas Feodorich Zbitnoff (1902-1987) is characterized by hard work, creativity, caring, nonviolence, intensity and dedication to one's profession, and an interest in one's roots.

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