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it install ok but when i going to run it was not working it say (Please insert the correct cd-rom select ok and restart application) please help me....

my cd_rom is ok Waiting your ans THANK YOU : Hi i was buy dance ejay7 but i cannot use.

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The editing ability of this software was unbelievable.

You could do anything at all you wanted with the sounds. I found that you couldnt even edit as in depth as you could with Music 2000, even though it was a playstation title. I am convinced this would be the best ever audio editing, sequencing, sound creation software ever.

Even the Play Station version had 6 (I think) octaves in the tune editor, compared with Techno e Jay 2's 1 octave.

I know this is about Dance not Techno e Jay but i thought Id bring it up anyway.

In Music 2000 you can add whatever effects you want to individual notes, or 32nds of a note, but with Dance e Jay 2 its all or nothing.

In Dance e Jay 2 you cant even make your own tunes and in the Groove Generator you can only edit up to 1 16th of a note.

Music 2000 has 24 tracks, Dance e Jay 2 only has 16 tracks.

In Music 2000 you can adjust the BPM from 1 to 999, in Dance e Jay 2 you can only adjust it from 120 to 160.

Dance e Jay Dance e Jay is a program that lets users create their own songs and unique mixes.

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