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Roosh V, the controversial ‘neo-masculinist’, is claiming to have been doxxed by an online group associated with Anonymous.

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Now, Valizadeh has told his 20,000 Twitter followers his family’s home address was published on social media by the online collective.

He also shared a screengrab of what appears to be a post by online activists associated with anonymous.

Anonymous is a loosely-formed and leaderless group, and anyone identifying themselves with it can undertake actions in its name.

But the information was shared from a Facebook page with hundreds of thousands of likes, making it one of the most popular among Anonymous supporters.

But there was a catch: The study also asked the authors of the profiles to fill out a survey gauging their own level of “overconfidence.” To measure overconfidence, participants were asked to report their level of familiarity with real and made-up facts.

For example, participants were asked how familiar they were with real terms such as “The Manhattan Project” as well as fake terms such as “ultra-lipids.” The more that people reported high levels of familiarity with made-up facts, the higher their degree of overconfidence was considered to be.

And the researchers found that participants who scored higher on the overconfidence survey also wrote more confident (and, therefore, more desirable) dating profiles.

Does this mean that overconfidence is the key (or at least one key) to dating success?

The news comes as the The 36-year-old was widely condemned for publishing a blog post last year titled "How To Stop Rape" which suggested that to "protect" women from being raped, rape should be made "legal if done on private property" as then "a girl would absolutely not enter a private room with a man she doesn't know or trust unless she is absolutely sure she is ready to sleep with him" and suggested: "Consent is now achieved when she passes underneath the room's door frame, because she knows that the man can legally do anything he wants to her when it comes to sex".

Valizadeh has now added the following disclaimer to the page: "The following article was published as a satirical thought experiment.

Its conclusion is not to be taken literally." He confirmed to the on Thursday that the disclaimer was only added yesterday, a year after the blog was published.


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