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Japanese or South Korean ladies also find it much more easy to travel abroad so you can be reasonably certain that they're not after a visa or green card.What I also like about Japanese women is that they're generally quite well travelled, so they will have a much better idea of what it would be like to marry a Westerner.

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Finally, Japan Cupid is a lot safer than suspicious looking free dating sites like Japanese Dating Online.

Well first of all Western men love Asian women, there's no getting away from that.

Japanese ladies have a lovely temperament and there's much less chance of marrying a dragon lady when compared to marrying a woman from China.

Japan is also a very civilised place with a high quality of life, reliable transport and practically no crime (well apart from umbrella theft).

I've visited Japan three times and have had a fantastic vacation every time.

The problem with finding an Asian woman is that there are vast numbers of scam ladies and dishonest ladies from China, Thailand and the Philippines that looking for an Asian wife from these countries is like looking for a needle in a haystack.The good thing about Japanese and South Korean women is that they are much more wealthy that the majority of Chinese, Thai or Filipina girls.Consequently we men can be a bit more sure that a Japanese or South Korean lady is marrying us for the right reasons, rather than just for our Western income.If you're looking for a beautiful Japanese wife or girlfriend then the best online dating site is probably Japan Cupid.Here's what I like about Japan Cupid, and why I consider it to be the best site for meeting a Japanese partner online.First of all, the thing to remember with Japan Cupid and all the other Cupid Media owned niche dating sites is that: When you set up your Japan Cupid profile it's a good idea to specify what you are looking for.


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