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The control bar features seven main actions: inventory, pick up/take, manipulate/use (opening up a sub-menu with eight further actions: unlock, insert, push/pull, eat, wear, throw, give and combine), look, talk (only either "Help! A joystick or computer keyboard input can also be used.The game does not feature text-based object descriptions or conversations, as its few short scenes of rudimentary communication with friendly non-player characters use only a minimalist system of pictograms in comic book-style speech balloons, usually displaying the objects that the characters need to be delivered.Instead, the game features several action-style sequences, such as dodging hazards or timing the use of items.

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The idea is that a witch needs a young boy as an ingredient in a rejuvenation potion — you are the unlikely target.

Once you get there the witch has you taken off to the dungeons where you are to be held (upside down in manacles) until she is ready for the spell.

The aim of the game is to (surprise) kill the witch and dash back to one's own time.

In a parallel universe, a fantasy world of Enchantia is suffering under the terrible rule of a powerful coven of wicked witches.

Their queen, who managed to surpass the rest in her boundless cruelty and depravity, frantically seeks a live male child from another dimension as the main ingredient of her desired spell of eternal youth.

Having borrowed magic powers from all the other witches in Enchantia on the promise to make them too young forever, she created an invisible portal connection to Earth.

One day in our world in the 1990s, an American young teenager named Brad plays a baseball practice with his sister Jenny when the witch spots him through the portal and incants a summoning spell, making him suddenly vanish in a flash of light.

The game begins as Brad, dressed in medieval-style clothing, wakes up in a dungeon cell.

Curse of Enchantia is a graphic adventure game developed and released by the British video game company Core Design for the PC DOS and Amiga in 1992.

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