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But, if Conversion Variable 2 represented the current visitor’s Age, then at the same time each City is getting credit for each Online Course Demo in Conversion Variable 1, a specific Age value (say “18 Years Old”) is getting credit for the same Success Event in the Conversion Variable 2 report which would look like this: Real-World Example Phew!

Let’s use one more example to help clarify things and in this example we will build upon the scenarios from our previous two posts. wanted to know what percentage of Page Views was viewed in Spanish so they set a Traffic Variable with the language on each page.

In the last two posts we have begun to learn about Omniture Site Catalyst Traffic Variables and Conversion Variables (Success Events).

As previously discussed, Traffic Variables allow you to segment or breakdown Page Views, Visits and Unique Visitors, while Success Events capture metrics around conversion actions taken by site visitors.

In our Traffic Variable post we saw how we could segment/breakdown Traffic metrics by Language, but learned that Success Event metrics are not broken down by Traffic Variables in Site Catalyst.

So what if we want to be able to show the percentage of Lead Generation Form Submissions broken down by Language?

Perhaps we want to see Shopping Cart Additions broken down by Zip Code or Campaign Tracking Code. The purpose of Conversion Variables (also known as e Vars) is to allow you to breakdown Success Event metrics in a similar manner that Traffic Variables allow you to breakdown Traffic metrics.

There are lots of cases where you will want to segment/breakdown Success Events in a similar manner that Traffic Variables allow you to break down Traffic Metrics. While this sounds easy, Conversion Variables are actually one of the most confusing topics for Site Catalyst customers because there is a lot to learn about how they behave (which is why this is only Part I).

I will describe the key points here and then try to make sense of it all through some examples.

Unlike Traffic Variables, Conversion Variables are persistent meaning that once a site visitor gets assigned a value, that value sticks with them until you (Site Catalyst Administrator) tell Site Catalyst to clear it out (unless the user deletes their cookies or uses a different computer).

For example, if you have a Conversion Variable that stores the visitor’s City, you can capture the City on page three of their visit and have it remain there for several pages, days, weeks, months, etc…

Conversion Variables have a direct relationship to Success Events.

I like to think of the two as “married” since they complement each other.


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