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I was resting, catching my breath in between sets, and I thought he was there to ask me how much longer I was going to take with the bars. He wanted to know where I got it, what it meant, and how much it hurt to stamp it onto my skin. I used to be a graphic designer and it was my attempt at drawing together different spiritual thoughts, ideas, and beliefs I had at the time. For my part, I study and read what I can about all religions, and work into my life what feels right and works from each. Yes, I am, but you don’t want to say spiritual to a Cuban. Give me a place where we can sit idly and watch the world pass us by.I complimented him on his X-ray vision, since the shirt I was wearing covered that part of my arm. It brings up a whole messy side you don’t want to know about. He was probably envisioning profane rituals performed in back alleys somewhere in South Beach, chicken carcasses strewn all over a dimly lit room, women and men dancing as if possessed by the devil, orishas spewing prophesies through the mouths of priests, all the while the sound of drums beating on through the night. I’ve dabbled and seen enough strange things to respect it and keep clear of it, I said. Personally, I prefer something more laid back and closer to the heart. A place where we can hold hands and sleep embraced in each other’s arms.

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I told him I was thinking of getting a second one to go on my chest, but I was still thinking about the design. Give me a place where we can gaze up to the heavens in gratitude after a day filled with joy and companionship, blessed by loving souls who only want what is best for us. All 20 to 28 years olds believe they are more mature than any of their counterparts 6. Married, or partnered, doesn’t preclude one-night-stands 8. I don’t fit the narrow stereotypical mold and preconceptions some people have built for me and for themselves.

It had to be simple because I didn’t want to have to endure hours of scraping again, but I wanted it to be good too. Give me a place where I can lay my head on your chest and rest—spent—after a day of basking in your love. I don’t qualify as a bear, oso, otter, or any other fur based animal 9. I know these are things I have no control over, just like I have no control over how stupid some people can be.

At that point, his workout partner walked up to us looking a little rattled. The workout partner seemed eager to break up the impromptu religious and art conversation, stressing that if they did not hurry, they would miss happy hour at a local neighborhood bar and the party they were invited to afterward. Shaved tends to be stubbly when it grows back leaving a sexy burn. Come, sit next to me, in a place that is ours alone, and in your arms let me sleep free of the longing that still lies buried deep within my heart. But I know we would have had the kind of night two good friends used to have. As long as some folk keep thinking that way, they are certain to miss out on a lot.

The gentleman smiled, shook my hand, and wished me a good weekend. Muscle is pretty to look at, but a blurry edge around the waist gives one something to bite or grab on to. Any frantic tumble is usually followed by shy good-byes and empty promises which shouldn’t be taken seriously at the time. I can’t bend over the way I used to.” “I know, me either. Dear Ernie, If you’re reading this, I want to let you know there have been many nights when I wished for our beds to be next to each other’s so that we could hug and talk late into the night. Please call me and let me know you’re still my friend. Yours, Bert Sixteen things gathered from chatting online using Scruff, the mobile social app: 1. Note: Regretfully, the last item on the list is true.

I finished my set, disentangled myself from my headset and proceeded to my last exercise before heading to the locker room. If a certain performance is good, encores are desirable, but every show has its run, and after a while something better always comes to town. Twink Selfie didn’t respond to my answer for a long time. The following questions are designed to determine how well we’d get along if we were to go on a date. You never know what you’re getting.” “Or how many of their family in tow.” Gulp!

Headphones secured and back in place, I pushed play and continued my workout, while Celia and Gloria crooned their Spanish duet salsa hit, Twink Selfie (not pictured, his real name, or Scruff profile) wanted to know the kind of guys I’m interested in. The ones who are worth keeping, have a way of staying around in repertoire. He must have been busy, driving, or found someone closer to his age with his same meter reading for horniness. He might have gotten entangled in other conversations with chatters closer to his age. Please answer and submit the following questions, along with a short bio and recent photo to determine our compatibility quotient. I can only imagine what you’re feeling having been in your situation myself so many times. “, the one who after months of going out with me didn’t have the guts to admit we were a couple—or dating, even! Meeting someone shouldn’t be reduced to 500 words, 5 poorly lit and cropped photos, and a list of statistics that doesn’t add up to anything. What happened to buying someone a drink at a bar before driving home for a night of sloppy drunken sex!

He’d been interrupting me throughout the day with explicit sexual flirtations and innumerable “kewls” for every response I gave him. Goatees add an extra feeling when they rub against you. When I told him I was going to sign off and go to bed, it took him a while to get back to me. If you give the desired answers and get a perfect score, I’ll contact you very soon. — and instead introduced me as a “friend” to anyone we met. Songs full of revenge and heightened emotions suitable for a diva. I was every bit the drama queen you are on stage (and off). Scouting, screening, and Googling people for criminal records before a first date is not my idea of romantic. ” He poured himself another glass of Pinot and took another swig.

His private image gallery is well stocked with photos that are not safe for any work or play environment, and he boasts a sexual prowess that would leave anyone in need of titanic doses of Gatorade and intravenous fluids afterwards. Remember how he never looked at anyone in the eye when he spoke? You held me close and promised everything would be alright—eventually. Aside from you, Armando, Cuca, and a handful of school friends I don’t know anyone in Miami to go out on a date with!

that's right homies, this is the post where I recap all the ups, downs and side to sides that happened in the Jaded NYer's life. Favorite post-- I Had To Start Eating Breakfast Because... I can't tell you enough times how blessed (yes, I wrote blessed... ) I feel to have you all in my life, even if it's mostly virtual and not actual.

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