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Check out what Coach Mike Krzyzewski had to say during USA Basketball Men's National Team practice today as we go all-access!About USA Basketball Based in Colorado Springs, Colo., USA Basketball is a nonprofit organization and the national governing body for men's and women's basketball in the United States.

Coach k basketball camp adults

Smart Hoops basketball camp is for serious athletes who are moving from entry level hoops into the phase of highly competitive middle school / early high school interscholastic or club play.

Developed and directed by former Duke point guard Richard Ford, Smart Hoop basketball camp teaching is designed to instill in each player a fundamentally sound way not just to play the game, but to “think” the game.

The Smart Hoops basketball camp teaching approach provides a sound basketball “value system” that good coaches will recognize and value, whether an athlete is a “go to” player, or a player seeking to simply earn a spot on a roster.

Athletes will spend as much time in the classroom as on the court covering the finer points of the game; and our on-court instruction will be carefully tailored to reinforce our classroom teaching.

Athletes will also see great players on film in game situations doing things the right way (and sometimes, even the wrong way! Athletes must take notes in the basketball camp classroom.

There will be a final exam on the last day of camp.No matter what "system" a coach runs, Smart Hoops teaches tactics, habits and concepts that can transform a good player into an indispensable player.“Richard came to our program as a walk-on and left as one of our captains.His commitment to getting the most out of his potential was superb. Overall, I give my experience a 10.” “I wish I had found you sooner.I loved his work ethic, competitiveness, and leadership. I’ve been to a ton of basketball camps in my life, and yours is by far the best one.” — “I learned tons of things that I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else.His example helped establish our program here at Duke.” — “My experience at your basketball camp this summer was excellent. I’ve been to a lot of other basketball camps and never got as much out of them as I got at your basketball camp.

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