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We discuss matching more at the end of this post, if you’re interested or nerdy. Since he’s a Pisces and I’m a Virgo, Chris and I of course think the Zodiac is total bullshit, and it was very gratifying to have the data bear this out.

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Dating Directories are private search engines and collections of links to online dating websites.

This helps to narrow the field from millions of clones of dating sites, to a narrow field of the actual legitmate services.

There is technology available to us and ingrained into our daily lives that our grandparents could never have dreamed of …

all of it greatly effecting the way we date and love in the 21st century. the single biggest impact on dating from the “Information Age” has to be online dating. in your PJs chilling at the crib you can find love, spit game to strangers, or just set up that jump off situation for the night. you can have a team of computers in a cold room far away use the doctorate research of the greatest minds to scour the internet and find you the perfect match …

Now you have cell phones, giving use 24 hour access to your boo. Text messages have shown us that “b*tches love smiley faces” (Boondocks reference).

Best foot forward Suppose lightning does strike and you see Mrs. This takes out a lot of the volatility that happens in the real world … This is sooooo helpful in figuring out who gets poked … Computers are smart Some of these sites actually use well researched algorithms to match people together. damned if I can’t put some trust in these machines. The whole thing is based on being at the same place at the same time with the right person … Whether its the club, bar, professional group, supermarket … This, as an auctioning system (in pure economic terms that what dating is) … Online dating opens up your selection pool significantly. no more putting up high school picks as your profile pics). Online, I know what you look like, what you do for a living, if you went to school, if you got kids, and if your best friends with my crazy ex. why not trust a machine to make sure I’m putting the ring on the right finger. I say all this with a My Space failure and a Facebook failure under my belt and having never used Match, e-Harmony, or Black People Meet … the dating system is horribly inefficient (here is where my Economics degree gets utilized). she has a ketchup stain on her shirt from that chicken biscuit she had this morning … Now you are passing up a happiness you will never know … Since online profiles are the best representation of a person, this is what you should judge someone on (as long as its honest … As a result, I’m not going to approach every attractive female (which would consume all my day with the fine women here in the Nation’s capital). doesn’t think a phat ass is telling about how good your gonna treat me or if your a b*tch or not. I also happen to be a mean sumb*tch who likes to hear himself talk ... Reasons your going to go out and find that perfect mate online right now? My healthy obsession with dating, relationships, and trying to identify and address the problems of dating in Black America.This week, we’re going to take a step back from examining messages to your matches and take a look at matching itself.


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