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Return to menu QUESTION: Is there anything referring to the ages of the disciples and followers of Jesus?

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ANSWER: The New Testament does not provide us with specific information regarding the age of the disciples of Jesus, or of Timothy and Titus. Commentators sometimes point out, for example, that since the fishing business involved the kind of hard labor only younger men were able to endure, Peter and Andrew, James and John, were probably younger men in their 20s and 30s.

Commentators (Fee, Kelly, e.g.) believe that the reference to Timothy's youth in 1 Tim.

could mean that he was a man in his low to mid 30s.

And, of course, we must remember — as scholars also observe — that life expectancy was much lower in the ancient world than it is today.

This fact makes it all the more likely that the disciples, probably for the most part, were younger men.

Again, this is only guess work, so that we must be highly tentative regarding any conclusions that are drawn in this regard.

In Jewish tradition the age 30 was regarded as the time of maturity and the minimum age for public teaching.

It is possible, although not certain, that Titus and Timothy would have fulfilled this requirement.

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