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From 1961-1965, this logo appeared on some amps and speaker cabinets, in addition to a plain block logo found on the control panel of the amp.

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The "Curved C logo generally appeared on guitar amplifiers from 1966-1987.

In 1976, the cursive logo (right, 2nd from top) began appearing on the amplifier control panel on some models (the first was the VTR2800).

The plain block logo (not pictured) appeared on the control panel of other models.

Regardless of which logo was on the control panel, the Curved C logo appeared as the "primary" badge.

Properly identifying Carvin guitar amplifiers can be much trickier than identifying Carvin guitars and basses.

For starters, there is no serial number information currently available, from this site, or from Carvin directly.

So, unfortunately, having a serial number is of no benefit in identifying the year of a particular amp.

The best one can hope for is to narrow down a particular model to a range of years - but finding a specific year of a particular amp is just about impossible to do.

However, there are quite a few features that at least make it easy to narrow down an amplifier to a range of years.

As with other Carvin gear, the first, and most obvious, detail to look at is the logo on the amp itself.

The earliest Carvin amps had the same logo as was found on guitars, basses and other instruments, shown at left.


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