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This momentum went largely unquestioned until 1884, when Bishop Andrews objected, "I would not give a fig for a weakling little thing of a seminary.

We want such a school, so ample in its provisions, of such dignity in its buildings, so fully provided with the best apparatus, that it shall draw to itself the eyes of the community and that young people shall feel it an honor to be enrolled among its students." Methodist ministers John Franklin Goucher (1845–1922), and John B.

Van Meter fought hard in favor of founding a college rather than a seminary, eventually winning unanimous agreement at a later conference.

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The Fire-Rescue Academy's Advance Life Support (ALS) program has relocated from the Public Safety Building to a classroom on the campus of CCBC Essex.

Equipment to complete ALS skills testing for the central battalion has been relocated to station 10.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) district officers may utilize stations 3, 6, or 10 to complete skills evaluation. (PDF)The Baltimore County Fire-Rescue Academy (FRA) ensures the readiness of all Baltimore County first responders.

Technical and customized training is provided for all career and volunteer firefighters and emergency medical personnel..

Volunteer or career members needing new or replacement accountability tags should email the completed PAT Tag Application (PDF) with all applicable documentation to [email protected]

Find information on the FRA's EMS training and certification, including the Advanced Life Support (ALS) Recertification Process, ALS Continuing Education, IV Technician Program and more.

Find information on the FRA's suppression training and certification including the EMS to Firefighter Bridge program, the FADO turn-in process, the Burn Technician program, Special Interest Bulletins and more.

The professional qualifications board validates certification credentials on an ongoing basis.

View results of recent professional qualification board meetings.

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