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There is this “Igbo Sunatu” meaning Sunatu Bush where evil is being done, please assist to expose it If you have information about it.Wicked and evil male youths spreads all over the country, let this be an avenue to warn secondary girls with the habit of walking about aimlessly after their school session to avoid being a victim of these dangerous youths.

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“I have the opportunity to be on every brand in South Africa but they offer too little money.

I’m not going to put my name on something for an amount that isn’t life changing. This is the biggest cheque I’ve ever got.” Cassper explained that the launch of #Hashtag is a dream come true for him‚ and by sharing his successes on social media‚ he hopes to inspire children in the hood.

“As you guys know it’s because of this deal that I was able to buy a property‚ a new car and a few watches. I mean all these rappers come from an American hood‚ but they also come from unfortunate situations and through music‚ they’ve been able to provide for their families and buy these cars.” Cassper says that this is what he is trying to be to the kids back in the hood.

But more importantly I’ve also been able to pay for my sisters to go to university and that type of thing.” The rapper added that before buying the Bentley‚ he saw the exact same car parked outside a building and it inspired him. “You know‚ I drove the Bentley home to Mafikeng last week and all the kids just started running after the car. I mean‚ these are the same kids who used to see me chilling in the corner with people who used to do drugs.

“A few weeks later I was able to go out and buy myself a Bentley.”Watch what Cassper has to say about flaunting his millions: “I was inspired by seeing Kanye’s chains‚ seeing his car and his house and seeing P. Some of my friends were thieves‚ some are in jail and some are dead.

If you cannot appreciate a young black man‚ who comes from nothing and now drives a Bentley‚ then you have a problem‚ not me.”Last week hot-on-the-heels of buying a Presidential Rolex worth R448‚300‚ Cassper showed off a brand-new Bentley worth R3.7 million and then the cherry on the top was a luxury property which he purchased from Lew Geffen Sotheby’s.

Even though Cassper would not be drawn into revealing the exact amount he raked in as an MTN ambassador‚ Oskido previously referred to the figure being as big as Lotto figures.

He was speaking this week in an interview on Metro FM, and suggested that the beef may be as a result of him not hanging out with radio DJs.

He said that South Africa should start appreciating him for the star he is. apparently DJs say I'm too big now, I don't greet them or they don't see me around.

People want me to chill with them and I'm busy," he told the radio station, as reported Channel24.

Johannesburg - Cassper Nyovest is sick of being treated like the Michelle of Destiny's Child and wants to be the Beyoncé ! We've been trying to submit for almost three weeks now for a new song on radio.


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