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It appears Canal Plus, the company that produced , has since taken the show down from its website.

However, it was released on DVD the same year it aired and there are many clips available online (sans subtitles). Now, and you can see this for yourself in the first video clip above of International we know and love.

Here’s one of the boss Gilles Triquet, known to sport yellow dress shirts and an odd strip of facial hair on his chin, “entertaining” his employees: but producers initially claimed it was an original idea conceived for Prosieben channel upon which it still airs. For starters, the wacky boss is married, but worry not, it’s definitely not a happy union and in some ways this makes the character darker.

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Join me each week to ask that very question in Comedy Tourism as I explore different trends and traditions of how the rest of the world makes funny in their respective native tongues. Or, you can strap on your comedy tourist pants, look to the horizon and forge into the international waters of has since blossomed into a profitable international franchise.

Mourners could seek comfort in the bosom of David Brent, or conjure up the ghost of the world’s greatest boss with TBS re-runs.

(You don’t.) Michael Scott is gone and nothing, aside from a failed movie career or star-studded series finale, is going to bring him back.

The show certainly struck a chord with American audiences and though “UK vs.

US” inspires tireless debating (for the record, I’m Team Wernham Hogg), it’s not a stretch to believe the tonality of the UK was only available in syndication to the world audience, and to date has been sold as such to over 80 countries.

This proved a boon for the original series in the United States, where Gervais took home Golden Globes for best comedy actor and best comedy TV series.In less anglophilically-inclined countries, the show sometimes flat out bombed.Not to say that the show can’t and doesn’t succeed as a relic of its culture, but people tend to connect more to characters that are cut from the same cloth.Russians want to see a Muscovite David Brent/Michael Scott.They want to hear this boss unwittingly spew the racial slurs special to Russian life.Luckily, Russia has optioned was the first non-English adaptation bowing shortly after the American outing.


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