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The Act was named after 19 year old Jeanne Clery, who was raped and murdered in her dorm room in1986.The Act is enforced by the United States Department of Education.

campus sexual assault victims bill of rights 1992-18

Campus sexual assault victims bill of rights 1992

If you're responsible for protecting a campus — whether at a hospital, K-12 school, college or university — then Campus Safety magazine is a must-read, and it's free!

As the only publication devoted to those public safety, security and emergency management personnel, issues cover all aspects of safety measures, including access control, video surveillance, mass notification, and security staff practices.

Since 1992, supplementing Title IX requirements, the Clery Act has required institutions to have and annually disclose a summary of a policy specifically addressing sexual assault.

The policy must address three main areas - 1.) Victims' Rights, 2.) Disciplinary Procedures, and 3.) Educational Programming.

These provisions were updated in 2013 expanding the law to cover a broader spectrum of sexual violence and provide for additional requirements, with changes taking effect in 2014 (see the summary of the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act for more details).

Institutions are required to provide information about where a student should report a sex offense along with information about the importance of preserving evidence for possible criminal prosecution, and are obligated to afford students the following rights -Institutions must also implement internal disciplinary procedures for sexual assault cases.

Starting in 1990, Congress acted to ensure that colleges have strategies to prevent and respond to sexual assault on campus and to give students and their parents accurate information about campus crime.

Two major federal laws are: Colleges and universities vary widely in how well they comply with Clery Act mandates and respond to sexual victimization.

Overall, most schools — close to 80 percent — submit the annual security report required by the Act to the U. Department of Education; more than two-thirds include their crime statistics in the report.

Students should be aware that campus crime statistics are imperfect.

According to a 1997 General Accounting Office study, schools had difficulty interpreting the federal reporting requirements, such as deciding which incidents to cite and deciding how to classify crimes.


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