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Moreover, shes a very liberated woman constantly looking for new experiences to satisfy her sexual curiosity. After different experiences, sex ends up becoming her way of life, which leads her to find love and practise prostitution, living through extreme experiences in both cases.

Twenty-eight-year-old Val is attractive, university-educated and in a comfortable financial position.

In the end scene, Val rapidly visit her best female friend in the midst of pouring rain ready to start life over again.

After some woeful scenes, Val decides to take her pack and go.

Here she meets some customers that affect her thinking in different ways. Then Val is ordered to take care of a disabled man which appears to attract her feelings.

Then Val returns to be the victim of her sexual desires and falls into prostitution in a 'high-level' brothel.

Val decides to leave and meets the support from her female friends.

Suddenly Jaime turns up, turned on, and causes a scene.

Val is getting the job at the Italian fashion house.

They do get interested in having kids, whilst Val's friend Cristina thinks it's too quick.

They move together to a penthouse overviewing the Mediterranean whilst Val is feeling awkward that Jaime is paying for everything.


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