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Is there any supplementary material for the graphing calculators? Is it possible to accomplish time calculations with my calculator? When solving mathematical expressions on FX115MS, it does not allow me to input a value for a certain variable. The attached chart shows comparisons of the different calculator models. Why do I keep getting an error message when I try to perform arithmetic or trigonometric calculations? Is it possible to accomplish time calculations with scientific calculators? Is there anything I need to remember when performing BASE-N and logical operations? Enter only the numerals, not the letters.^Top What features do our calculators have? Why aren't powers/exponents being calculated properly when I use the [EXP] key? How to change the currency rate on DF320TM or MS300M? What printing calculator performs time calculations? When I turn the calculator on I see a dark (or very faint) screen. What is the calculation priority sequence that I need to keep in mind when performing a calculation? Press [SET/%]^Top I am having a problem registering the Class Pad 300, it keeps telling me my product key is wrong.

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How do I connect my CFX9850, FX9750, Algebra FX2.0, FX7400 to my computer? How do I enter sexagesimal (degrees-minutes-seconds) value on FX9750G / CFX9850G series graphing calculators?

Can our scientific calculators convert between degrees, radians, and grads? This switch is used to determine how many decimal places your answer is displayed in.

ADD (2) is often used for monetary calculations, so that it is not necessary to enter the decimal point.

It is automatically placed two decimal places from the end for cents. The formula is as follows: Markup%=(Markup Price-Cost)/(Markup Price) ^Top Why do I get the wrong answer when doing a percent calculation?

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What are the various modes for (using the [MODE] key)? How large is the memory capacity of the Class Pad 300? When trying to print a program listing, only the first page is printed. If you don't see a question that pertains to your situation, contact us by going here. Non-printing models (also applies to HR-8TE printing calculator):1. The calculator will round down if the digit after the one you are rounding to is 4 or lower, and round up if the digit is 5 or higher.^Top What is the [5,4,3,2,1,0 ADD (2)] switch used for? Vista Compatibility After performing a sequence of calculations in FX115MS, when I attempt to store the answer in memory, the value changes to something else altogether. Can I connect the Class Pad to the Data Analyzer EA-200? The 5/4 applies to either the 0 or 2 modes, and describes the type of rounding off that is performed. What is the [F CUT 5/4] switch or [DEC] F, 0, 2 button for? How do I do exponential regression in the form y=ab^x? What software is needed to use the EA200 EA100 Data Collector? Can I connect the Class Pad to a personal computer? F is floating point (no F indicator on screen), 0 rounds off to 0 places after decimal point, and 2 rounds off to 2 places after decimal point. How do I generate random numbers on FX97xx / FX98xx / CFX98xx calculators? Can the Class Pad use programs that were created for other Casio graphing calculator models? The button or switch can control rounding off to a certain number of decimal places. Why do I get the wrong answer when doing a percent calculation? How can I put a matrix into reduced row echelon form on FX9750G / CFX9850G series? Can I operate the Class Pad in the same way as a conventional graphing calculator? The HR-8TE/HR-8TM have a [DEC] key with F, 0, 2, and 5/4 over it, while many other calculators models have a switch labeled [F CUT 5/4]. How do you take the 5th root of a number (or any root higher than 3)? How is the Class Pad different from a conventional graphing calculator? download the chart here^Top What is the [F CUT 5/4] switch or [DEC] F, 0, 2 button for?


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