Buzzfeed high school dating sites

The "writers" make completely meaningless and/or gratuitous nonsense lists all day like some sort of OCD housewife.At times it's funny because some of them are vaguely racist.

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Of course, images just by themselves don't make any sense, nor do the headers.

In vain attempts to look slightly more intelligent than a spambot, Buzzfeed lists entries sometimes try to describe their images, because being forced to deal with more text than a tweet is more than the poor average user's brain can handle.

Thanks to the disjointed nature of the lists, reading them can be appropriately simulated by imagining a schizophrenic making a vaguely themed reaction image thread all by himself.

These lists can be about a wide variety of topics that are all equally pointless.

And whatever the fuck Tumblr is shitting its panties over.

These lists often try to be funny or relatable by claiming to be about some number of problems or things, at least 100, that certain faggots can understand.

Occasionally, there are lists about social justice.

The only difference between these and other lists is that the usual faggots in the comment section are replaced by Feminazis slinging enlightened words of unrecognized brilliance which they know will one day change the world, and their white knight thralls whose only notable feature is that they are so desperate for pussy that they're willing to suck up under their real names.

Have you ever been on Cracked and thought to yourself, You know what would really make this place better?


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