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A movie made up of highly popular Serbian TV series "Better Life".

Head of the Popadic family, Dragisa "Giga" Popadic, organizes a shopping trip to Thessaloniki, Greece, for his co-workers in the company, which are mostly women.

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The secret of its success lies partly on the wisdom of writers, who have successfully aimed viewers from all ages as their targets.

Thus, the Serrano family portrays the daily lives of a Brady Bunch-like family with a widower and a divorcée marrying and creating a new family with each one's children.

Antonio Resines, one of our finest comic actors, plays the father, while Belén Rueda is as effective as ever as the mother.

The eldest of their children (Fran Perea from one side, and Verónica Sánchez from the other) have at some points been the center of the series with their unsolved sexual chemistry, but perhaps writers should focus on other characters too.

As it usually happens with Spanish TV series, the supporting cast excels the main one in many instances.

A special mention should be made to Jesus Bonilla's uncle Santiago, and Antonio Molero's family friend, Fiti.Among the youngest actors, Alejo Sauras and Alexandra Jiménez are a lovely pair of goofy sidekicks to Fran Perea and Verónica Sánchez.Maybe it's not the best comedy ever made, but it's extremely watchable and the whole family can have fun with it.I hope we will be seeing a lot of "Los Serrano" in the years to come.Serije sa prevodom | spanske serije | turske serije | sulejman. Najnoviji domaci i strani filmovi sa prevodom, online za gledanje domace i strane serije, uzivo tv kanali. Telenovela online sa prevodom | online filmovi i serije sa prevodom. In bangalore dating; mona bei spanske serije sa prevodom na. Gledajte u hd kvalitetu filmove i tv serije sa prevodom online potpuno.

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