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Our reviews couple in-depth analysis of each site, with the experiences of a male and female tester who signed up for each service and provided us with their opinions.

The weather is requiring us to wear a few more layers and the colors on the trees are beginning to change.

For many of us, the emails are starting to circulate with family, friends and even coworkers asking you to save […]Online Dating and Investment Fraud: They’re More Related Than You Think Online dating has been growing in popularity since its advent, as users from all demographics try their hand at finding love on the web or with the help of a mobile app.

In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, 15% of American adults have used an online dating site or mobile dating app.

As […]3 Ways to Verify the Identity of Your Online Dating Match Online dating is all about taking exciting chances — sending that first message or a flirty wink can lead to an incredible connection between two people.

The trick here is to be honest, both about who you are, and what you want.

See some extra tips for filling out your online dating profile here!

Once you've filled out your profile, and maybe taken a quiz or two, it's time to concentrate on potential dates. Unlike dating in the wild, you get a lot more information about your potential dates up front—and you can decide if they're really worth your time.

Once you've found someone who looks like a good fit, start the conversation!

However, there’s an important line that must be drawn when it comes to deciding which chances are not worth taking.


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