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The premise is about drugs and guns, but the majority of scenes don’t involve either. There were several scenes that were very hard to watch, or had you on edge of your seat.It was what the audience needed after such mayhem just a week ago.

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The Exterminator (that’s what I’m calling him) gets out and Saul follows, which was very unexpected.

It was unclear if this was how he came to ABQ or how he left, but we quickly find out it is how he left.

For the first time since the end of the 2nd season, Saul is not wearing his blue ribbon, which symbolizes Mc Gill (Goodman’s real name) finally shedding his scumbag lawyer facade and becomes “just another douchebag with a job and three pairs of Dockers.” Robert Forster ( The exterminator makes the Nebraska ID. ” a question which many people have thought of themselves.

The Exterminator tells him it will be a few days before he can get Saul out of New Mexico, but it will have to be faster than normal since his ads are still plastered all over the city.

The Aryan’s go out to Jesse’s dog-pound and Jack is ready to kill Jesse because of the tape.

Todd stands up for Jesse, saving him once more and then Jack realizes that Todd likes Lydia.

That would be the only reason to keep cooking meth after they have so much money.

Jack also likens the uptight Lydia’s lady parts to a wood chipper. In the dog-pound, Jesse pulls out the picture of Andrea and Brock from Todd’s meth lab.

Saul will have a roomie, and Saul looks at surveillance footage of Walt throwing a temper tantrum in his room. She is being told by other DEA agents that they will find Hank.


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