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A Bournemouth web developer has launched a Kickstarter for a dating site with a twist. "With Cage Match, you learn all the important information up front.Cage Match will help you find a partner based on 'the one thing that really matters' - which Nicolas Cage films they like best. Want your profile to be the first thing everyone sees? Really, it's about making better dating decisions." Fans of Cage's filmography and lonely hearts have until March 10th to make a pledge, and can read more about the rewards (as well as the single John-Travolta-themed stretch goal) on Kickstarter.Adam Burt hopes to raise £20,000 in crowd funding, and has already received over £1000 in pledges. It's my project and even *I* think this level is a bit much.

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One backer has already pledged £1,000 to the project, but all three of the £5,000 pledges are still available for die hard Nic Cage fans.

Hell, for this amount of money I will personally track Nicolas down and just shout your name at him so he becomes aware of your existence." Adam said: "The rise of a services like Tinder have made it easier than ever to meet new people, which is great, but something is clearly missing - you just have no idea whether your new friend loves National Treasure or not.

Finding your ideal date doesn’t have to be hard and many of our members found that our events and singles nights make the dating journey a whole lot easier.

We provide events in a relaxed atmosphere where other like-minded singles join for some conversation and socialising.

Our nights and socials differ from one another but both guarantee a good time.

nights take place in local bars where the conversation flows between many of our members.

One of our nights took place in 1812, a buzzing and popular bar.

socials are organised singles events which take place around fun activities.

They’re designed to give you a new experience and make for great conversation starters.

Previous socials have been photography classes, salsa lessons and even ghost tours!

Simply come to the socials that appeal to you though all our socials have a great turn-out as many members want to try something new.


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