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Season 2, Episode 5October 30, 2012Zoe fears that George is sleepwalking, so she rearranges her schedule to do a sleep study on him and backs out of her plans with Wade.Elsewhere, the mayoral race between Lavon and Ruby tightens, inspiring Anna Beth to devise an unconventional scheme.

Season 2, Episode 8November 27, 2012Lavon and Ruby's romance proves problematic for Zoe and Lemon, who try to uncover Ruby's real angle.

Meanwhile, Wade wants to evade George, but they wind up on the same camping trip; and Brick hopes to take his relationship with Emily to the next level.

Season 2, Episode 9December 4, 2012The town holds a charity auction in which the women bid on the men's picnic baskets, and Zoe faces surprising competition for Wade's basket.

Meanwhile, Lemon suppresses her true feelings when she wins Lavon's basket; and George tries to entice Tansy with his basket.

Season 2, Episode 1October 2, 2012In the second-season opener, Zoe feels torn between George and Wade.

Meanwhile, Lemon returns her wedding gifts and makes strides toward independence; and Zoe befriends returning resident Ruby Jeffries, who doesn't receive a warm welcome from the town.

Season 2, Episode 2October 9, 2012Zoe attempts to keep her distance from Wade, but she's forced to ask him for a favor regarding the Blue Bellapalooza.

Meanwhile, George takes Wade's advice to start dating again; and Lemon resolves to stay employed as a waitress.

Season 2, Episode 3October 16, 2012Zoe discovers an error about herself in her alumni magazine, so she invites the reporter to town to set the record straight.


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