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The Tudors is an historical fiction television series set primarily in sixteenth-century England, created by Michael Hirst and produced for the American premium cable television channel Showtime.

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The first two episodes debuted on Direc TV, Time Warner Cable On Demand, Netflix, Verizon Fi OS On Demand, Internet Movie Database and on the website of the series before the official premiere on Showtime.

The Tudors premiered on 1 April 2007; it was the highest-rated Showtime series in three years.

and in that month the BBC announced it had acquired exclusive United Kingdom broadcast rights for the series, which it started to broadcast on 5 October 2007.

The CBC began broadcasting the show on 2 October 2007. The final season was shown in Canada on CBC starting 22 September 2010, and ending on 23 November 2010.

In Episode 7, the mysterious sweating sickness arrives in England, killing both the high-born and low-born, and Henry, who is terrified of catching the plague, secludes himself with his herbal medicines in the deep countryside away from court. A papal envoy finally lands on English shores to decide on the annulment and, at the end of a specially convened session at which both Henry and Katherine are initially present, eventually decides in favor of Katherine.

Cardinal Wolsey is stripped of his office, in Episode 9, and banished to York, where he pleads with the King to restore him to office.

Sir Thomas More, Henry's devotedly loyal friend, is chosen as his successor.

In the final episode (Episode 10), Cardinal Wolsey makes one last desperate attempt to save himself by allying himself with his old enemy, Queen Katherine, but their plot is discovered and Wolsey kills himself during his internment in the Tower of London after saying a brief prayer apologizing for his sins, but asking no forgiveness for them.

International distribution rights are owned by Sony Pictures Television.

Chronicles the period of Henry VIII's reign in which his effectiveness as King is tested by international conflicts as well as political intrigue in his own court.

Cardinal Wolsey plays a major part in the series, acting as Henry's trusted advisor.


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