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I’ve also visited Atlanta for business and family trips and haven’t been all that impressed by the vibe.

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From time to time I’ve seen different websites and magazines list some of the most gay friendly cities But what I’ve found is that many of these places are majority white, which I have nothing against.

I just don’t like living in places where one culture dominates. barely makes the list at number 10 and with 22,800 black LGBT people.

I love diversity and I prefer to live in areas where there is a greater chance of meeting another black lesbian. C., tops the list as the gayest city in the country. ) However, a 2012 Gallup poll finds New York as the number one city for African American LGBT individuals (106K NY residents are black) followed by Michigan, Alabama, New Jersey, Maryland and Mississippi. Anyway, the disparity between the ‘s list and the Gallup poll is clear—black LGBT people do not necessarily live where white LGBT people live.

(The list also includes lily white cities like Salt Lake City, Utah and Madison, Wisconsin. Black LGBT people live where black non-LGBT people live and Census results back this up too.

So, one of my dreams is to move to the countryside where I can have some fresh air, peace, quiet and a nice little garden.

From time to time I’ve toyed with the idea of moving to the South—Atlanta specifically.

A while back there were several articles touting a great re-migration of blacks from northern urban areas to the South.

Supposedly moving to the South afforded people of all colors a lower cost of living, better quality of life and better weather.

I had one old journalism school buddy who was born and raised in Maryland who swore Atlanta was the holy grail of all the aforementioned things.

She is also a black lesbian, and I believe for her, that made Atlanta, the so-called center of the gay South, even more enticing.

But after reading this blog post by Lez Intellect, who says she’s having a hard time finding the kind of woman she would even date in Atlanta, I don’t know about the ATL anymore.

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