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Looks like power is the ultimate aphrodisiac after all. C., where Bill Clinton trysted, Eliot Spitzer cavorted and Anthony Weiner sexted, may be the best place to have an affair, according to Ashley, an online dating service for people already in relationships.The site says it has nearly 38,000 members in the nation's capital, the most per capita among its 13 million user base.Powerful men and women, particularly those in politics, "are massive risk takers," Noel Biderman, CEO and founder of Ashley Madison, told the Daily News.

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america's no.1 dating site - Best dating website for dc

Biderman added, “The more successful you are, the more prone to cheating you are..Washington is full of successful people looking for something outside their marriage." D. outpaced San Antonio, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Boston, Chicago, Dallas and Orlando as the top spot for infidelity.

The website calculated the number of registered users in each city as a percentage of the local population.

If you’re single and living in the DC area, you know that the rules of dating in the shadow of the Capitol aren’t like those of any other city.

Unsure of how to best navigate the politically-charged climate of DC dating?

Do have other things besides politics to discuss when you meet someone new in DC O. Practice coming up with an interesting anecdote about your work at an animal shelter or how you recently discovered how wonderful Spanish wines can be. Do check out the many receptions hosted on Capitol Hill, by trade associations and special interest groups and at the Smithsonian Coleman says that though these traditional, DC-centric events may seem stodgy, they are actually fantastic ways to meet not only new people who work in these environments, but also their friends and colleagues. So get out there and take advantage of these great mix-and-mingle opportunities our city has to offer. Don't make assumptions about someone's values, viewpoint or personality based on their party affiliation This is harder than you may think!

While it’s tempting to draw conclusions about your date based on whether he or she leans politically to the right or to the left, resist the urge to do so, advises Coleman.

“People in DC – politically and otherwise – are complex and come in many shades of grey,” she notes.

“When you start out with preconceptions and act on them, you could miss the chance to date someone who could be very compatible with you.” Along the same lines, “Don't assume that because someone is politically conservative that he or she is lacking in passion; likewise, people who call themselves liberal aren’t necessarily adventurous,” she cautions.

Let these tips from Toni Coleman, LCSW, a DC-area psychotherapist and internationally recognized dating and relationship coach, guide you on how to best find – and keep – love in our city. Do keep your opinions in check on a first meeting or first date When engaging your DC date in conversation, actively listen to what he or she is saying and ask questions, recommends Coleman.

“Even though this seems like a no-brainer, this act will let your date know you hear and respect his or her opinions – even if you don't share them,” Coleman explains.

If your date turns out to be someone you have a strong interest in, differing political views don't have to be a deal-breaker.


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