Best dating site for single dads

What’s not to love about indulging in a bit of online flirtation while your toddler naps – especially since you heard Leonardo Di Caprio was on Tinder…Cue hours spent practising your selfie pout in the bathroom mirror; no one need know you’re still in your porridge-splattered PJs from the neck down. On the one hand, you’re so pathetically grateful for any romantic interest that you want to snap up every date that’s offered – but on the other, your free time is so limited that you don’t want to waste a rare night of babysitting on a no-hoper. So, you’ve swiped right and there are definite sparks flying around cyberspace, but when do you 'fess up to having kids?Should you go out with that sexy but vapid topless guy just for the fun of it, even though you’re 99 per cent certain that he’ll bore you to death within minutes (despite being very easy on the eye)? It all depends on what you’re looking for in a relationship.The key is to ask questions – LOADS of questions – before agreeing to a date. If it’s just a casual hook-up (naughty but so nice!

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But if you’re looking for ' The One', honesty is the best policy from the word go.

Mentioning your children in your dating site profile at least means everything is out in the open from the start: no awkward conversations later, or wasted dates with guys who model themselves on the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

But you don’t have to opt for full disclosure, as long as you’re prepared to tackle the subject later down the line if things get serious.

The logistics of going on a date when you have children can be a nightmare.

Spontaneous drinks this evening with the guy you were chatting with while your toddler watched Octonauts? No, as a single mum every date requires military planning.

You need to find a babysitter, shave legs that haven’t seen a razor in three months, book a taxi home by 10pm because you know you’ll be getting up at five o'clock in the morning – and then your child wakes up on the day with a vomiting bug. Finally, you find a window in your diary and it’s date night – eek!

In the distant past, you had all the time in the world to primp and preen ready for your date, but not any more.

Now, getting ready for a date means running around the house with no top on (it’ll only get covered in baby snot if you put it on too early), trying to keep your toddler away from your hair straighteners and squeezing your wobbly belly into Spanx.

The dating game is always a minefield, and never more so than when you have kids.

After all, every Tinder-swipe and blind date is not just a potential life partner, but a potential father figure to your children, too – no pressure!

It’s also a very different experience from dating pre-kids.

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