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If the roots of most relationship problems are derived from irreconcilable arguments and petty disagreements, then dating an Aquarian lover maybe a sweet relief.

Represented by water and having a planetary ruler which combines Saturn’s levelheadedness with Uranus’ unconventional modernity, Aquarius is a sign that is willing to compromise their logic but not their uniqueness.

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Despite of the most cool and logical world that the Aquarian inhabits, they are ready to kick up their heels and get down for an evening on the town.

Uncomfortable in more one on one situations where their emotional side maybe left exposed and sensitive, your water lover may shy away from that type of internal exposure and trade it for a fun and “life of the party” personality.

They are dynamic and interesting, and it is more useful to avoid pushing them to cry on your shoulder when hard things happen, or sit quietly discussing their emotions, but engage them on an active level.

This will give them a chance to connect with you on a less risky level.

In light of this primarily lived in the exterior life, the fear of rejection can be an overwhelming concern for some Aquarius.

This can mean that those under the affectionate glare of an Aquarius, will probably be completely unaware of the attention.Your Aquarian is a bit deficient in the expression department, and can sometimes be tempted to EWD (email while drunk), against the advice of their friends, or use other alternate forms of communication to convey their feelings, while avoiding face to face dialogue at all cost.This may seem charming at first but can lead to disaster, since all the cute and charming advances using beanie babies, or elaborate floral arrangements can only bring you so close to the door, in the end you have to step through it.**A hint to those interested in Aquarian men or women: Reach out and touch someone.Seriously, don’t wait for them to make the first move, you won’t be disappointed but you will be waiting a long time if you choose to force them to make the first move.Despite their incommunicado behavior, the Aquarian is ready to kick ass and take names.

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