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All Batman suits released before 2011 use the same face; a Light Nougat head with a frown and a White headband.

2013 expanded further upon Batman's depictions with suits based on The Dark Knight Rises in addition to his Arctic camouflage and his black 2012 suit with the moulded black wings.

Batman's first Microfigure was also released in 2013.

2014's known variants include a suit based on the Beware the Batman TV series, a brighter version of the blue Super Heroes suit, and a Scuba suit.

In 2015, new variants of Batman released included his Space Suit and his New 52 suit.

He appears as one of the two tritagonists in The LEGO Movie where he is voiced by Will Arnett in the film and by Jim Meskimen in the video game adaption.

He will also be the main protagonist in The LEGO Batman Movie.

Batman's minifigure comes in several different colour variations to reflect his appearances in different continuities.

His Original Suit resembles his outfit from Modern Comics, his Classic Blue Suit is based on his appearances in Silver Age comics, and his Armoured Suit is made to resemble his costume in the live-action films Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

While this minifigure has been released in some form in the past, a new variant is expectected for release soon.


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