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And coincident with that, America started going seriously weird.

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(I've written elsewhere - here, for instance - about perhaps a more fantastic, and yet I think more credible, and sinister, explanation of the phenomena.)But here's a noodle scratcher: the episodes are not as anomalous as we may think.

In fact, in The first argument against the idea of flying saucers as spacecraft lies, oddly enough, in the large number of verified, unexplained sightings.

In my own files [circa late 70s] I currently have approximately 2,000 cases of close encounters from every country on Earth, many of them involving occupants of various sizes and shapes.

It may seem that 2,000 cases in some 20 years is not a very large number, but we are talking only about the cases that were actually reported....

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Something is up (or actually, not up) with the speakers on my laptop, so I can’t relisten to the segment.

I think it would be fun to see how creative my bloggy friends are these days.

I've been thinking the last few days of Peter Malkin, the Mossad agent who snatched Adolph Eichmann from a Buenos Aires' sidewalk in 1962. I wonder if, before his death, he'd read story of February 6 entitled "CIA employed Eichmann's men." And if he had, whether he felt punk'd. A lifetime in an Intelligence service would have prepared Malkin for such wrong-headed weirdness.

In his world, Eichmann's boys going to work for the CIA probably wasn't the most egregious example.

Just one of those things: a compromise with evil; one of many. America started going seriously wrong some time ago.


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