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Marie Johnson, who also is reprising her role in the feature film version.

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That said, its standout message reminds viewers to be comfortable with who they are and to fight the urge to change just to impress other people because those who really matter will like you for who you are.

Britannica flirts shamelessly with Brett, telling lies to win his sympathy and fast-talking him into a romantic date. Terry is eccentric and a little wild, but she's true to herself in the face of pressure to conform.

She values meaningful relationships over fleeting physical attraction.

On the other hand, Britannica places high value on a person's outward appearance and reputation and pokes fun at those who don't meet her standards.

The fact that Terry plays rough with people is part of her tomboy persona, and it's meant to be funny.

In one case, she knocks a girl to the ground for talking to the boy she's interested in; in another, she hurls rocks at two people with a slingshot. The movie tells the tale of a tomboy's first experience with crushing on a boy, referring to physical reactions such as sweaty palms, a racing heart, and a fluttery stomach.

You'll see two kisses, but that's the extent of any physical contact.

, so young fans of her skits will want to tune in for this extended version.

Parents will appreciate that the story incorporates prominent positive messages about being true to yourself, shrugging off peer pressure, and valuing true friendship.

There's some flirting between teens, one of whom lies and tricks her way into a cute guy's affections, but this proves to be her downfall in the end.

Teens tell each other to "shut up" and "shut your mouth" and that someone or something "sucks." A few instances of injuries (Terry hurls rocks at people with her slingshot, and she gets shocked repeatedly) are short-lived and meant to be funny.


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