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Their crews assume indigenous animal forms to protect themselves from an overabundance of natural energy, transforming into robots to do battle. Due to his popularity within the fan-base, Dinobot has been given a place in the "Transformers Hall of Fame" as the fifth most iconic Transformer character of all time.It surprised (and also angered) many people that Dinobot managed to beat out other longtime fan favorites such as Soundwave, Grimlock, Shockwave, or even Devastator, since he was considered to be a relatively little-known character, especially outside of the fanbase.

With Megatron wreaking mindless violence over the earth and headed for the Ark, Optimus attacks, to no avail.

All looks hopeless - unless the sudden resurgence of an old friend can swing the balance ...

The Maximals awaken on their home planet of Cybertron and are chased by mindless Vehicons created by Megatron.

The Maximals must free the planet from Megatron and restore it to its real way of living.

With the aid of the Headmasters the mighty Cybertrons (Autobots) continue to wage war against their evil counterparts the Destrons (Decepticons). See full summary » When Scientists discover Sun Spores, an alien plague that instills a hatred so overwhelming that anyone infected won't stop until everything in their path is destroyed. See full summary » In ancient Egypt, an evil sorcerer named Scarab, kills the pharaoh's son, Prince Rapses, so he can become immortal.

Entombed alive for his crime, Scarab revives in the modern world and ...

See full summary » Genki is a young teen boy who gets zapped into an alternate world called Monster Rancher (Monster Farm in the Japanese version) where he must stop the evil Moo which can only be done by ...

See full summary » Two spaceships, one manned by benevolent Maximals, the other by evil Predacons, crash-land on a pre-humanoid planet while en route to Earth.

In later seasons, Steven and the Crystal Gems fight the hostile forces of Gemworld, who are bent on destroying the Earth!

Fascinated by these three alien "women", Steven discovers his true identity as the spawn of a human and a Gem, and embarks on a road of self-discovery, both of his newfound identity and his powers, and what that means for himself and those around him.

The real web address is A coming-of-age story featuring the adventures of a young boy named Steven, whose mundane life is interrupted by the intrusion of three alien beings from Gemworld.


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