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Due to pain in Virtue’s legs, the pair had not been able to complete a full practice run-through of their program. Their free dance program, which featured a challenging lift the pair developed called "The Goose," was awarded a score of 110.42 points, including four perfect tens, the highest of the pair's career.Virtue and Moir became the first North Americans and youngest skaters to win the Olympic gold medal in ice dance.The pair followed their Olympic victory by taking first place at the world championships that same year.

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Virtue, who was born in London, ON, was initially interested in pursuing ballet and modern dance, but began skating at an early age through the Can Skate lesson program.

Moir, who was also born in London, ON and was raised in nearby Ilderton, ON, came from a skating family and was coached by his aunt, Carol Moir.

Initially, Virtue and Moir skated individually at the same club, but became more familiar with each other during the summer skate camps held at the Ilderton arena.

Carol Moir was looking for a new partner for Scott, and noted that Virtue was the right size and skill level.

The pair were soon skating together almost exclusively during group dance training sessions.

Virtue and Moir officially began competing as partners in 1998, when they entered a By the end of the 2001–2 training year, the pair knew they needed to increase their training schedule and decided to move to Kitchener-Waterloo.

Over the next few years they skated at home and abroad, competing as juniors in Skate Slovakia, Tomorrow's Champions, the North American Challenge, and the Croatia Cup.

In 2004, the pair won first place at the Junior Nationals in Edmonton, AB, and competed in the Junior Worlds in The pair continued to compete as juniors on the international stage in 20, and in 2006 became the first Canadian ice dancers to win the World Junior title.

In the summer of 2007, as they prepared to move up to senior events, Virtue began to feel cramps and pain in her shins.

Despite the pain, she and Moir continued to train, and competed in the senior category at national and international events.

In 2008, they finished second at the world championships, and first at the Canadian and Four Continents championships.


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