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They will admire each other’s ability to shake up tradition.

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Being alone, however, is a completely different matter.

Aquarius is the alien of the Zodiac and will need someone similarly detached from earth to truly understand the strange milieu that is the Aquarius brain. Aquarius is a humanitarian at heart and lives to help society.

Furthermore, as a cardinal sign, Aries is used to pushing and persuading people. Aries is self-centered and consumed with helping self first. Aries will sulk like a brat when in need of a back rub or sexual healing from Aquarius who will be off at a protest or directing things at a shelter. Aquarius comes off cold and struggles to express feelings.

Aquarius is fixed and doesn’t like to be pushed at all. Aries is used to getting anyone and will turn up the charms and the chase to win the date. Aquarius people, in fact, may seem detached from the sexual act as even their libido is very connected to their need to always think.

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In love, being in sync and seeing eye to eye is a coveted treat.

Here, Aquarius and Aries have two different types of mental circuitry that makes syncing up hard. Aquarius’ thoughts are nuanced, cloudy, and chaotic, with lots of subtext that Aries may not be able to decipher.

Aries will initially be smitten by Aquarius — who has the charismatic ability to win anyone over.

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