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The inscription on the first of the triangular prismatic stones is in poor condition. Wilson is emphatic that Nicea would have been on the route of the messenger carrying the epistle of 1 Peter.The second stone indicates that something was once attached to the obelisk. This is the final article in the series on Iznik/Nicea.Hopefully there will be some who will find it useful in the months to come.

Leichty, but did have a chance meeting with him at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in 2004.

I was looking for a particular ancient document and inquired of the staff.

They could not provide the answer but said that Dr. When I arrived at the research area where the cuneiform tablets were kept, Dr. What impressed me that day was that Erle Leichty cheerfully took time to answer a question from an unknown.

Leichty cheerfully left the work he was doing and spent some time with me. As I was leaving the research lab we passed the cabinets where some of the cuneiform tablets were stored.

He pulled open one of the drawers and picked up one of the tablets.

He said, “We have forty thousand of these things here.” I have forgotten what document I was looking for, but I have not forgotten that pleasant meeting with Erle Leichty. In an earlier article we posted photos of Lake Ascania (Iznik Gölü) at the place where the first Ecumenical Council met.

Nearby there is a beautiful view of a small lighthouse with the mountains of Bithynia in the distance.

Its inscription in Greek reveals that the obelisk was built by C. It rises over a rectangular prismatic pedestal, and includes five triangular prismatic stones one over the other.

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