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Documentation of CME courses shall be made available to the Board upon request (See the Spring 97 Newsletter article "Board Initiates CME Audits" available in the TMB Bulletins), but should not be mailed with the registration payment. Note: At least 2 of the formal hours must involve the study of medical ethics and/or professional responsibility.

Professional responsibility includes but is not limited to courses in: Risk management, Domestic Abuse; or Child Abuse.

Excess hours are applied/reported according to their Category. All members of the American Osteopathic Association (AOA), other than those exempted, are required to participate in the Continuing Medical Education (CME) program and to meet specified CME credit hour requirements for the 2013-2015 CME cycle.

One hundred and twenty credits of CME are required for membership in the American Osteopathic Association within this three-year cycle.

Of this total, thirty CME credits must be obtained in Category 1-A and the remaining ninety credit hours of the CME requirement may be satisfied with either Category 1-A, 1-B, 2-A, or 2-B credits.

Physicians entering the program in mid cycle will have their credit requirements prorated.

Your individual CME Activity Report outlines your total CME requirement and the amount of credits required in categories 1 and 2.

Members who obtain one hundred and fifty credits or more of AOA approved applicable CME credit in a three-year CME cycle will be given a certificate of excellence in CME.

These hours must be earned by December 31ST, but reported no later than May 31st of the current CME cycle.

In recognition that members of the AOA who hold specialty or subspecialty certificates in those specialties with less than three hundred certificate holders, may have difficulty accruing the necessary AOA 1-A credits required for membership, such members may apply AMA or AAFP category 1 credits to their AOA 1-A credit requirement up to the maximum of 15 CME credits per cycle to meet the Category 1-A credit requirement for membership.

Additionally, you are required to attain the 120 credits as noted above as well as 10 Category 1-A credits in your certified specialty (per three year cycle).


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