Anti scammer dating site 99 9 fm jakarta online dating

This is scam and if you was scammed then this site is for you, because you already have information to share with other people.

These are many people in the Internet, who will spend hours, days, even weeks or months talking to you, then they ask money for meeting or something else and then disappear.

If you are contracted by a beautiful Russian girl who absolutely must have your email addresswe suggest you get to know her on our site for a bit before sending her $2,500 for a flight to meet your family!

Millions come to dating/relationship sites for the same reason you dobut alas in the world we live in, we do have some who arent here for love.

If you stumble across such scammers - please advise Member Services of who they are immediately, and they will have their accounts terminated.

Your report will be useful only when you will give full information about scammer. You can see what you should know about scammer here.

But if you have some new photos which are not represented on our site then ofcourse you may upload it.

Only in this case you are able not to upload photos.

In this case you will have full information about this scammer (name, address, photos, etc.) If you make new report then you must give us some photos of the scammer. We let to make reports without photos only if you make additional report. If you found a scammer on Anti Scam Club in section and you know this person with some other data (e-mail, name, city) then you can make additional report about this scammer.

There are many Dating and Anti Scam sites in the Internet. Invited members can invite their friends who become "Invited" members too. I have submitted a scam report, but it wasn't published on your site. First of all, making a scam report you must remember that you are welcome to do it only if you was scammed by this person or you are sure that this is a scammer.

Very often youll see message: "Your status doesn't let permit you to use(see,read) it". This is like private club and only "Invited" and "Paid" members can use our site in full mode.


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