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“Looking for a sweet, funny, goal-oriented white girl, that doesn’t use tobacco or drugs, has a great sense of humor and quick wit, is receptive to my affection, loves to kiss, loves kids, is okay with me bringing home rescued animals, and can put up with me, as I am a huge dork and, sometimes, nerd.” Rod, 31, doesn’t volunteer at an animal shelter or even work at a veterinarian hospital.He may have brought home a baby squirrel in the past couple of months, but he is certainly not a modern day “Doctor Doolittle.” It is actually quite appropriate that this is an excerpt from Rod’s inactive profile on the popular dating site, Plenty of Fish, because he is undoubtedly fishing with a lure.He brings the term “catfishing” to a whole new level. According to, 10 percent of sex offenders are using online dating sites to meet people.

Anna dating site

It is far from a revelation that guys are misleading when trying to get a girl into the sack, but do dating sites make a game out of these predatory practices? This is how almost all of Rod’s dating profiles begin, and there are several that he uses.

He feels that Tinder is impersonal, but “Ok Cupid seems to be the zenith of dating apps.” Rod wasn’t willing to share any of the contents of his personal conversations from any of these sites, but he has created a method that he uses on a weekly basis.

He’ll start talking to five different girls and see how far he can go with them.

Rod explains, “I can’t remember what I’ve told these girls.

“Getting an ugly girl still validates me,” Rod openly admits.

He describes himself as a “self serving scoundrel” and a “sexual sadist,” but he justifies his actions saying, “I’m not physically hurting anybody.” What exactly becomes “abnormal” behavior when we display our personal information on public profiles?

Anna, a 26 year-old graduate of Bucks, was very reluctant to be interviewed.

She said she doesn’t have much experience with these sites, but she still occasionally talks to a guy who found her on a free dating app, Plenty of Fish.

That’s why I keep it at five.” He knows that one of them he will end up sleeping with, two of them he will probably swap photos with, and he’ll designate one of them to talk to in an incredibly freakish and absurdly raunchy manner just so he can see how much she will endure before she finally stops talking to him.

“I’m okay going to bed knowing that I destroyed someone’s feelings,” admits Rod.

Rod’s deceptive tactics border on psychological warfare.


  1. And I’d ask myself, “are these people that I really want knowing all my moves around town?

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