Alpha male mentality dating sites

You don’t know what you did wrong because you were so nice, considerate and romantic.

Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be with her, you try to convince yourself.

It could definitely be that there was no chemistry with a specific girl, but ask yourself – how often does it happen?

Alpha male mentality dating sites christian dating websites for teens

Whether you want to attract the woman of your dreams or multiple girls for sexual experiences, it’s important that you develop an attractive personality, with alpha male features, free of games and ego. The funny thing is, when you stop caring how women will react to you, they want you more. I look back at my past experiences and I was so pathetic. I didn’t have any problems finding a girlfriend or a woman to sleep with, but I did have a problem attracting those I really wanted.

I’m being real, and if they don’t like it, that’s okay, I’m being true to myself. Bottom line, this was by far the best purchase I have ever made.

I tried to win their attention with the money I had and I invented stories about how nice I was. Every time I had a crush on a really hot woman, my brain told me, ‘forget it, she’s out of your league’. It was about my confidence, kicking neediness out of my system and being authentic.

Yes, you can be nice, but only because you want to and not because that is what will make them spend the night at your place.

After playing the ‘alpha male mindset’ constantly, I finally realized what women want. Once you have this mindset, women find this so sexy, they get addicted to you.

I have to admit I first listened to attract women, but now I do it for myself, for my own development and growth.

And that shift only shows me that my alpha male mindset is being strengthened.

Prior to being exposed to ‘alpha male mindset’, my interactions with women were horrible.

I didn’t know how to create attraction, women didn’t show any interest in me and I was sure it was all about statistics – that if I dated a hundred girls, one had to say yes. Yes, life is about statistics, but the question is – what are your chances?

That’s such a loser approach and the complete opposite of alpha male thinking. He was all about pick-up and told me to read the alpha male article and listen to the audio. Since listening, I increased my chances and got so much better results with women.

They flirt with me openly, female friends suddenly look at me differently and I ended up having a short relationship with one of them.

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