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Magazine, The New York Times, Hip Mama, Bust, Bitch, The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the Oxygen Network, Estronet, Yahoo! Heather has been quoted in numerous articles about sexuality, appeared on many radio shows, and has lectured and given workshops and trainings at many youth and adult conferences, colleges, schools, clinics, bookstores and other community gatherings.

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A graduate with honors of Chicago's Academy for the Arts, where they studied music and creative writing, Heather won a National Academy of Poets award in her teens.

They continued their education at Shimer College, studying literature, erotic spirituality and sociology, then later studied at the Midwest Montessori Teacher Training Center.

In addition, Heatheris trained as a facilitator for Teen Talking Circles.

Heather is entering middle age with as much grace as they can muster, and currently lives and works on a rural island outside Seattle, Washington.

When not working themselves into an early grave, they can be found owning the and playing with their dogs, practicing yoga, communing with the forest, hula-hooping, jangling about with instruments, dreaming up art, and crafting vegan delights in a kitchen Heather's partner calls their "favorite restaurant" while loudly crooning tunes from 70's AM radio, all of which the people who love them graciously tolerate without making too many jokes at their expense.

For more information or references, please email Heather.You can also view an online version of Heather's CV here.Amanda is a recent college grad and soon-to-be medical student.Heather is an activist, writer, artist, teacher and community organizer.Heather has been widely recognized as a pioneer of both women's and young adult sexuality information and education online, having brought inclusive, feminist, creative and comprehensive sexuality content to the web and beyond since 1997.Heather has also been a sexuality, contraception and abortion educator and counselor for the Cedar River Clinics/Feminist Women's Health Center, and the director of the CONNECT teen outreach and education program in Seattle which serves transient/homeless youth, reproductive health patients, high school and college students and others.


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