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Learn correct and injury-free piano playing techniques.

All Beginners Class Sudents (Levels I-V) get free lifetime access to the corresponding E-Course.

Make the most of your class with these valuable resources, lesson reviews and practice drills.

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to think about sending the kids campin’!

When you sign the youngsters up for any one of our Roanoke Parks and Recreation camps, they’ll explore, throw, kick, jump, paddle and play their way to a memorable and educational summer vacation.

Use the links to the top-left of this page to pick your camp category and begin to explore the options.

You can also click the green button to the right to download and print our 2016 Summer Camps flyer.Don’t let your kids waste away in front of the TV this summer!Get them out and active with Roanoke Parks and Recreation and our wide array of summer camp options. Stay tuned for plenty of updates, but for now, check out some of the music summer camps we’ve highlighted below and visit this site: for a big list of music camps you can attend.COUNTRY DANCE AND SONG SOCIETY Residential weeks for adults and families where they get to experience traditional English and North American dance and music in beautiful outdoor settings. SIRSY BAND CAMP #4 In this three-hour session 16-20 people (ages 15 and up) will get together and arrange, learn, and perform a song with the band SIRSY.The session will culminate in the creation of a music video posted on You Tube.


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