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For the first time, the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project has found that cell phone ownership among adults has exceeded 90%.

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In this survey, it is even the case that women are statistically significantly less likely to own cell phones than men—though this pattern has not been evident in all of our previous surveys.

Pew Internet reported yesterday that a big part of the cell adoption story is the rise of the smartphone.

In this same survey, we found that 56% of American adults have smartphones.

Our fall survey of youth ages 12-17 put their cell phone adoption at 78% (and 37% of all teens have a smartphone).

A few favorites: The most recent rundown of how cell phones have become the Swiss Army Knife of communication and all the activities they perform on their devices is here.

Us, too Of course, the world of Pew Research has been directly affected by the rise of cell phones.

We need to connect to cell owners as we do our surveys.

As of June 2012, 35.8% of American homes have become cell only and another 15.9% of people receive all or almost all their calls wirelessly, even though they still have landlines.

Non-owners were younger teens (especially boys), Hispanics, and those living in poorer households.

Why this matters: Aid, comfort, interruptions, distractions, and time shifting The Pew Research Center began asking separately about cell phone ownership in late 2004 and began to ask about the special ways people might be using their phones in March 2006.

At the time, it was clear that texting was becoming popular (35% of cell owners were texters then).


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